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Support Programs

Our community provides a variety of support programs to help them strengthen themselves against the challenges of daily life. As Kitchen Community, we offer our participants support tailored to their individual needs. We help each individual discover their strengths, gain new skills and integrate more safely into their communities. We also come together to develop collective solutions to the challenges faced in daily life.

Takı Atölyesinde Kadınlar

Development Workshops

Innovative and Effective Learning Experiences


Development Workshops offer an interactive and inspiring environment that is open to the participation of individuals from different age groups and cultures. These workshops are designed to support participants in discovering themselves, gaining new skills, and serving their communities more strongly.

Yoksul Çocuklar Gülüyor

Career Counseling for Girls (14+)

Let Your Career Journey Begin!

With the career counseling we organize to support our young girls in taking firm steps towards the future, we provide them with valuable information about professions that suit their interests. Our experts are here to help our young people discover their potential and prepare them for an inspiring career journey!

Modern Ofis

Life Skills Programs for Women

Special Programs for Strong and Independent Women!

Life Skills Programs for Women offer a special platform aimed at helping women cope with the challenges of daily life. These programs are designed to provide our women with practical skills, increase their self-confidence and encourage their more effective participation in their communities.

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