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Welcome to the Kitchen Community family! We are a community that focuses on strengthening the social skills of immigrant women and girls and aims to contribute to their adaptation to the UK.

Who are we?

A Kitchen Conversation in the Background

Kitchen Community was born when a social researcher leader and a chef came together in kitchen conversations. This unique union gave rise to the name of our community: Kitchen Community. The kitchen has become a place of magic where we share all the flavors of not only food but also life.

What are we doing?

In addition to providing support to immigrant women and girls with social skills programs and workshops, Kitchen Community also stands out with its Catering for Good concept. Our community aims to enable women to make economic contributions by offering delicious meals prepared by women. Under the magic of the kitchen, we serve our society in a stronger and more committed way.

What Do We Offer for Participants?

  • Social Skills Programs: We offer a wide range of support programs, from English language skills to job application preparation, from career counseling to life skills programs.

  • Development Workshops: We contribute to the development of individuals with workshops on topics such as creative writing, digital skills, culinary skills, environmental awareness and stress management.

  • Catering for Good: By purchasing delicious meals made by our immigrant women, we help support their economic independence.

Join Our Community!

Join this magical culinary conversation, discover the taste of our dishes and let's get stronger together. Kitchen Community is not just a community, it's a family. Join our community, become a part of this warm family and let's bring a more colorful perspective to life together!

Every donation and profit generated by Kitchen Community Collective directly supports disadvantaged women, providing them with opportunities for education, training, and economic empowerment.

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Our Team




Communications Specialist

Deniz C. ERKAN


Today, Kitchen Community Collective is more than just a culinary venture; it's a hub for creativity, collaboration, and social impact.


Our Story

Once upon a time, in England, Deniz and Nazlı, along with their circle of female friends, discovered the profound connection between food and community. In their kitchen gatherings, they shared life's ups and downs, finding solace and strength in each other's company. From laughter to tears, every meal became a platform for heartfelt conversations and shared experiences. They realized that food had the power to unite, heal, and uplift.

​And so, Kitchen Community Collective was born...

It's more than just a culinary venture; it's a sanctuary where women gather to connect, support, and nourish both body and soul through the magic of communal dining.

But that's not all - in addition to our kitchen gatherings, Kitchen Community Collective also provides a wide range of culinary delights for wholesale. From a delectable lunch menu to traditional Turkish mezes, bakery items, and cakes, our offerings are crafted with love and care.

Furthermore, every donation and profit made by Kitchen Community Collective goes towards supporting disadvantaged women, providing them with opportunities for a better life.

Join us as we celebrate the transformative power of food and community, where every meal shared brings us closer together and helps uplift the lives of those in need!

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