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We're excited to meet you with our special Turkish lunch menus at pop-up events in Stokey and Hackney on selected days each month. Are you ready to discover the unique flavors crafted by women's hands?

Menus for your invitations

Career Counseling for Adults and Children

Adaptation Process Support to the UK

Women's Solidarity Community

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Catering for Good!

You can support these talented women by ordering delicious and healthy meals from the hands, kitchens and ancient recipes of Immigrant Women from Kitchen Community Collective!

Workshops & Mentoring

We Build Bonds Between Women

Every woman deserves the chance to change her world. Mentoring offers women the opportunity to channel their strengths into creating positive change for themselves and those around them. With the support of our employees, a transformation takes place every day.


Expert speakers for each event:
Health, nutrition, sports, women's health, education in England, career planning, CV preparation)  

With Kitchen Community, we aim to overcome all the challenges of a new culture and community experience together. 


I, Deniz and many of our female friends, we are women who share all our troubles and happiness about life in England by cooking together in the kitchen, preparing the table together and integrating food into life.

At these tables, we sometimes mourned, sometimes got angry, sometimes felt discouraged.

But when we all came together at the same table, we reduced our sorrows and increased our joys.

On this occasion, food would always be our excuse for our wonderful conversations.

We decided to establish Kitchen Community Collective with the silent feeling of solidarity, trust and healing that food brings to us.

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2024 Goals


Migrant Women / Support


Service Provided to Women






Mentoring Support

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